She is a young and every bit an ordinary girl who is just having her dream come true. She has fallen madly in love and has a list of plans ahead. However, a single simple visit to the doctor will change it all. Her dreams of the future will turn into her struggle for life!

When she realizes that the struggle for life does not imply the fight with oneself but with the entire health care system, the corrupted and bribed people, it seems there is no salvage. In the profusion of intrigues, frauds and conspiracies, a journalist shows up, determined in his intention to reveal all secrets concealed underneath white coats.

What does life look like when you realize that tomorrow you may not wake up? What remorse remains for what you have done and for you have not and you might not have the opportunity to do? Is it necessary for one to become ill in order to comprehend the essence of life?

"The White Coat Death" novel is a shocking and deeply moving novel about the brave girl struggling for life in spite of the pessimistic prognoses of the doctors and at the same time a poignant story about the shortcomings of the health care system and the persons who have forsaken the Hippocratic Oath!

Marija Gojković

About the author

Marija Gojkovic

Marija Gojkovic was born in Belgrade in 1983. She writes books and scenarios and is engaged in journalism. Her first novel "Sold" was published in three editions up to date and she is the winner of the "The Belgrade Winner" award for the 2012. and 2013. the most read book. This novel has been translated into the Macedonian language. Her second novel "The Scar on the Soul" has had an excellent response of the readers and owing to it, the "Each house, safe house" campaign has been launched. "The White Coat Death" is her third novel.


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