Daily Magazine

Fun collage filled with interesting and light topics.

The show is hosted by Marijana Mićić, Katarina Vučetić, Miroslav Djuričić and guest presenter Dr Feelgood.
Marijana and Katarina are leading conversations with guests, Chef Miroslav Djuričić is suggesting a new main meal every day, lunch, dinner or desert dish, and last but not the least Dr Feelgood is giving viewer’s interesting tips how to stay fit. Every day we open our doors to one celebrity person from the world of culture, show business or media – who is well known to a wider audience.

  • Market: Serbia
  • License: Emotion production
  • Genre: Talk show
  • Duration/Gross: 120 minutes
  • TV Chanel: TVB92
  • First episode: March 2012.
  • Last episode: December 2012.
  • Total episodes broadcasted: 135
  • Average SHR – Serbia:
  • Season 1 10.36%; TV B92 8.12% (2012); 92 episodes
  • Season 2 8.07%; TV B92 8.12% (2012); 43 episodes