Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is the ultimate game of knowledge, strategy and luck.

Five contestants compete each other in four eliminating rounds. After each round a contestant is disqualified and his winning split among the remaining contestants. In this game, each wrong answer forces the contestant to play the “Russian Roulette” and test his luck. He might fall through the hole in the floor or survive and continue the game. Only the most focused, the most intelligent and the luckiest contestants will survive.

  • Market: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • License: Sony Picture Television International
  • Genre: Quiz
  • Duration/Gross: 60 minutes
  • TV Chanel: RTV Pink (Serbia), RTV Pink M (Montenegro), RTV Pink BH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • First episode: March 2003.
  • Last episode: July 2005.
  • Total episodes broadcasted: 120
  • Average SHR – Serbia:
  • Season 1 25.95%; RTV Pink 21.86% (2003); 59 episodes
  • Season 2 20.01%; RTV Pink 22.17% (2004); 41 episodes
  • Season 3 16.88%; RTV Pink 22.84% (2005); 20 episodes