Sky is the Limit

For the first time, Emotion production has created original show, with a goal to bring up production and content standards in Serbia and region. I can do anything is true family show which brings family together in front of TV screen on Sunday night.

This show gathers two groups of talented contestants, young ones who have no more than 14 years and seniors aged over 55, who are proving with their talent that age isn’t limit, but inspiration.
The series consists of 13 episodes in which contestants are presenting their various skills in front of excellent judge panel whose members are Danica Maksimović, Žika Nikolić, Konstantin Kostjukov and Rambo Amadeus.

  • Market: Serbia
  • License: Emotion production
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Duration/Gross: 120 minutes
  • TV Chanel: RTS 1
  • First episode: November 2015.
  • Last episode: January 2016.
  • Total episodes broadcasted: 13
  • Average SHR – Serbia:
  • Season 1 10.43%; RTS 1 18.49%;