Strictly Come Dancing

After the show your face sounds familiar we are bringing to audience another show that has conquered the world Strictly come dancing. It is time for our stars to dance in the most popular dance show in the world.

Celebrities, stars, will check their talent for dancing through Latin, American and standard dances. Their skill and effort will be evaluated by expert jury. The winner of this spectacle, except the title of the best dancing couple, will win the cash prize in the amount of 25 000 euro to donate it to charity.

  • Market: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro
  • License: BBC
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Duration/Gross: 180 minutes
  • TV Chanel: TV Prva (Serbia); RTRS (Bosnia and Herzegovina); RTV Prva (Montenegro)
  • First episode: 29.3.2014.
  • Last episode: 16.06.2014.
  • Total episodes: 12
  • Average SHR – Serbia:
  • Competition show 17.45%; TV Prva 15.04%;
  • Eviction show 13.56%; TV Prva 13.17%;