Super humans

We will meet some exceptionally talented people from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, those who recognized their skills and decided to show it to everyone.

Super human TV show gathers people who have special skills in various areas and disciplines: maths, memory, photographic memory, solving Rubik’s cube, the absolute hearing / smell / taste, geography, dance, gymnastics (associated with memory), architecture, writing and speaking backward, dactyloscopy, film knowing, drawing …

  • Market: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegvina, Montenegro
  • License: Endemol Shine Group
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Duration/Gross: 120 min
  • TV Chanel: TV Prva (Serbia); RTL (Croatia) Federalna TV, BN TV (Bosnia and Herzegovina); RTV Prva (Montenegro)
  • First episode: March 2017.
  • Last episode: Jun 2017.
  • Total episodes broadcasted: 12
  • Average SHR – Serbia:
  • Season 1 23.02%; TV Prva 12.73%