The Devil’s Dinner Party

The Devil's Dinner Party

The six competitors who do not know each were invited to “The Devil’s Dinner”.

They start a game in which they must penetrate the consciousness and the dark secrets of the other contestants who sit at Devil’s table. If they are successful, they win the money together, but only one contestant will take home the money. Contestants vote amongst themselves and the person with most votes gets the money.

  • Market: Serbia; Montenegro; Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • License: ITV Global Entertainment
  • Genre: Reality show
  • Duration/Gross: 90 minutes
  • TV Chanel: RTV Pink (Serbia); RTV Pink M (Montenegro); RTV Pink BH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • First episode: September 2012.
  • Last episode: November 2012.
  • Total episodes broadcasted: 12
  • Average SHR – Serbia:
  • Season 1 24.78%; RTV Pink 20.47%